Ep17: How are you getting there? | Lí án-tsuánn khì 你按怎去?

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Ep17: How are you getting there? | Lí án-tsuánn khì 你按怎去?

In this episode, we’ve talked about traveling by train to the beautiful east side of Taiwan, and also how to use prepositions to talk about your route and manner of transportation.

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Hua-liân / Hua-lian Hualien, a city in eastern Taiwan
Thài-lóo-kok / Tha-lóo-khooh Taroko Gorge, or the name of the Truku indigenous people

Culture note: Taroko is one of Taiwan’s most popular and beautiful national parks, and it’s on the east side of the island near the city of Hua-liân.

Lí án-tsuánn khì? How are you going? / How are you getting there?
án-tsuánn how
khì to go

Grammar note:khì” can also be used like “away” or “off” to show that direction of movement is away from the position of the speaker.

lâi to come

Grammar note:lâi” can also be used to show that direction of movement is towards the position of the speaker.

Guá tsē hué-tshia khì. I'll go there by train.
tsē to sit; to ride as a passenger on vehicles
hué-tshia train
Tsū-kiông- the name of the class of express trains on the Taiwan Railways System
tshia car or vehicle with wheels
Lí beh àn/tuì tó tsi̍t tsām tsē kàu tó tsi̍t tsam? You’re going from which station to which station?
Guá beh àn/tuì Tâi-pak-tsām tsē kàu Hua-liân-tsam. I’m going from Taipei Main Station to Hualien Station.
àn / tuì / uì from
tuì facing towards, in the direction of
kàu to; to arrive, to reach
Guá tsē hué-tshia tuì Hua-liân khì. I took a train towards Hualien. (the speaker is currently not in Hualien as he says it.)
Guá tsē hué-tshia tuì Hua-liân lâli. I took a train from Hualien (the speaker is already in Hualien as he says it.)
Tsái-khí peh tiám kàu tiong-tàu tsa̍p-jī tiám, ū la̍k pang. From 8am to 12pm, there are 6 trains.
ū to have, there exists
pang a measure word for trains, flights or classes that happen at scheduled times
Tuì Hua-liân àn-tsuánn khì Thài-lóo-kok? How are you getting from Hualien to Taroko Gorge?
Guá àn Hua-liân khiâ oo-tóo-bái khì. From Hualien, I'm taking a scooter to go there.
khiâ to ride (a horse, scooter, or bicycle)
oo-tóo-bái scooter
kha-ta̍h-tshia bicycle
kiânn-lōo to walk
Guá àn/tuì Biâu-li̍k tsē kheh-ūn kàu Ka-gī. I took a bus from Miaoli to Chiayi.
kheh-ūn shuttle bus or long-distance bus

*Syllables that have been greyed out require tone changes.

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