Short Takes: A Scene-based Taiwanese Vocabulary Builder


SHORT TAKES: A Scene-based Taiwanese Vocabulary Builder lets you pick up new vocabulary in a fun, context-based way. Each lesson is based on 10 high-frequency core vocabulary words brought together in an easy-to-visualize scene, which makes learning new words simple and enjoyable.

Each core vocabulary word is presented with closely-related words, sentence patterns, common pairings, or example usages, so you’ll learn the word within the broader context of the language.

Every lesson also features an imaginative short story designed to help foster a more intuitive sense of grammar, usage, and tone for core vocabulary words. Rendered in both English and natural Taiwanese sentences, the short in the red area.

Additional cultural notes related to the theme for each lesson provide even more context and background, helping you retain the new vocabulary and discover more of Taiwan’s history, food, people, and society.

Writing and speaking exercises at the end of each lesson will also allow you to apply what you’ve learned and help review and reinforce understanding of core vocabulary.

This vocabulary builder is well-suited for self-study by beginning and elementary learners of Taiwanese.

Taiwanese (a form of Southern Min or Min Nan language, related to Amoy and Hokkien, and sometimes also referred to as Hoklo) is a language spoken by about 70% of the population in Taiwan.

Features include:
• 800+ commonly used words and phrases in 20 thematic lessons
• Explanations on grammar, usage, and cultural background
• Audio for core vocabulary words, related words, short stories, and exercises available for download
• Index with fully cross-referenced entries and definitions
• Tone changes (tone sandhi) marked throughout text with detailed tone numbers provided in answer key
• Exercises for both writing and speaking, to help reinforce understanding of core vocabulary
• Official Romanization (Tâi-lô) and character script used by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education




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