Ep20: How much is a plate? | Tsi̍t puânn ài guā-tsē 一盤愛偌濟?

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Ep20: How much is a plate? | Tsi̍t puânn ài guā-tsē 一盤愛偌濟?

In this episode, we’ve talked about eating at “stir-fry places” in Taiwan, asking for recommendations, and also the price.

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Ū (siánn-mih) thui-tsiàn--ê--bô? Do you have any recommendations?
thui-tsiàn / tshui-tsiàn to recommend
hái-sán-tànn seafood vendor, seafood place
Tâi-uân-lâng tsiok ài tsia̍h hái-sán. Taiwanese people really love eating seafood.
Guá ài khì tsia̍h hiān-tshá--ê. I really like to go to quick, stir-fry places.
ài to like, to love, to want to; to need to, require
hiān tshá--ê (something that is) stir-fried on the spot after ordering; quick-fry or stir-fry restaurants
tshá pn̄g fried rice
hiān tsò--ê (something that is) freshly made
hiān bán--ê (fruit that is) freshly picked or harvested
tsi̍t puânn tshài one dish
Tsi̍t puânn tshài ài guā-tsē tsînn? How much does one dish cost?
Tsi̍t puânn tshài ài tsi̍t-nn̄g-pah khoo. One dish is about one-to-two hundred Taiwanese dollars.
tsa̍p-tshit-peh huè 17 or 18 years old

Here’s the classic song Alan was singing from that has “tsa̍p-tshit-peh huè” in its lyrics:

Tsi̍t ê lâng ài guā-tsē tsînn? How much money does each person need to pay?
Kuí khoo? / Kuí khoo gîn? How many dollars is it?
Ū kuí ê lâng? / Ū guā-tsē lâng? How many people are there?
Guá tsin ài tsia̍hhê-jîn ông-lâi”. I really like to eat “fried shrimp balls with pineapple”.
Guá tsin ài tsia̍htshài-póo-nn̄g”. I really like to eat “omelet with pickled radish”.
tshài-póo pickled radish/daikon
tshài-thâu white daikon radish
nn̄g egg
Guá mā tsin ài tsia̍hô-á-soo”. I also really like to eat deep-fried oysters.
also, too
ô-á oysters
ô-á-tsian oyster pancakes
soo crispy, crunchy, flaky
ông-lâi-soo pineapple cake
káu-tsàn-thah basil, basil leaves
hôo-tsio-iâm pepper and salt
be̍h-á-tsiú / bì-luh beer
Kan--lah! / Hōo ta--lah! Cheers! Bottoms up!

(literally: “Make it dry!” or “Let it be dry!”)

For more on giving toasts in Taiwanese, check out "Episode 12: Let's make a toast!" of our Elementary Podcast.

Hó-tsia̍h! Delicious! (when talking about something you eat)
Hó-lim! Delicious! (when talking about something you drink)
Tse tsin hó-tsia̍h! / Tse tsin hó-lim! This is delicious!

*Syllables that have been greyed out require tone changes.

For more about eating, drinking and the grammar points we talked about in this episode, go check out our downloadable workbook! You’ll also find additional vocabulary with characters, pronunciation and culture notes, and fun exercises to help your practice.

Music Credit: TeknoAXE

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